Wednesday, 5 May 2010

West Wales Food Festival

So, we are just starting to recover from a very busy bank holiday weekend, selling our sweets at the West Wales Food Festival at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales. The weather held out for us - yay!- the forecast had predicted rain but luckily it missed us. All we had was sun and cloud, and a lot of wind (my cheeks had a nice rosy wind burn look to them after the 2 days!).
It was the first fair we've actually done this year and the response was brilliant. We sold out of most things (a good thing!) - our new cut-your-own caramel bars being very popular (as well as the free tasters!). We also premiered (!) our very own pates de fruit -we haven't got them on our website or Etsy shop yet - we wanted to see the response first, which was very good! So, keep an eye out for our intense little fruity gems, made of fruit puree and sugar - they will soon be hitting our internet shops!Chocolate swirl caramel bars are on Etsy but this will soon be updated to include our bars. Espresso chocolate caramel was also a new product which went down well withthe coffee fans.

There were also some other yummy producers there too - we couldn't resist a chicken and gammon pasty from The Little Welsh Deli and some wonderful smoked cheese and garlic cheese from award winning Teifi Cheese. I wish I had taken a photo of both these stands because they bith looked so good. At least I know for future now!

My oh my, food fairs are not the place to be when you're trying to lose some weight for your summer wedding!
The gardens themselves were looking lovely - spring has well and truly sprung. The greenhouse is always wonderful - a big domed glass full of plants from around the world. If anyone is ever on a visit/holiday in South Wales I'd highly recommend a looksy at the gardens.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


These are our 2 puppies, Bramble and Bo Bo. They are brother and sister, and are a cross between Scottie and Jack Russell. But As you can see one inherited the Jack and the other the Scottie! These pics are a month or 2 old now and have grown a fair amount since then! But they are still cute!
Bramble (the girl) looking sweet!

Bo Bo camouflaging(!) himself in the snowdrops - his ears both stick up now

Bo Bo's ears pre-sticking up. Brambles ears did originally flop down like Bo Bo's, but they quickly popped up!


I've been working on some cotton and linen flowers for a while - they just make me happy! I'm getting married in August - a very casual affair (we've been together 10 years) but I'm planning on makingand then scattering lots of these flowers in various colours along the tables as decorations. And making a corsage or wrist cuff with some to go with my dress. I'm planning on having an etsy shop with these sometime soonish! But as I'm fairly busy at the moment it may take me a while to get the numbers up! I shall keep you posted!

Help wanted for picture choosing!

So, I'm calling everyone out there for a little help please! We are having a little advert/write up in Vogue magazine in the June issue and we need to choose an image for the article. We've narrowed it down to 10(!) pictures, but only need one! As you can see they are all vanilla and raspberry flavoured marshmallows, just in various forms! Mike and I would be really grateful if you could take the time to give tell us which picture (they are numbered)you think is best for going into a magazine (the picture will be fairly small).
So, scroll down for the images!

1. A birds eye view of a jar of raspberry and vanilla marshmallows

2. Mixed marshmallows in a glass bowl and spilling out

3. A pile of raspberry marshmallows

4. A big jar of raspberry and vanilla marshmallows

5. Raspberry marshmallows!

6. Vanilla marshmallows in a bowl

7. Mixed jar of marshmallows with a bag peeping out from behind!

8. A whole lot of vanilla marshmallow

9. Raspberry marshmallows again

10. And lastly, a mixed bowl of marshmallows.

So thats all the pictures to choose from. Any thoughts would be gratefully received, even if its just whether the mixed marshmallows are better than the single flavoured marshmallows. And whether having the bag of marshmallows in no. 7 is a good idea - we couldn't decide whether it's best just having lots of loose marshmallows on show! Thanks guys.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Going live!

We've finally decided to enter the deep realm of blogging! Not being the most technically minded its taken a while to brave this new world, but at last we are here! So there will be a little of everything here, but mainly our experiments in new (sometimes wonderful, sometimes not-quite-right! but always fun) flavours of marshmallows, caramels and other sweets. Its always nice to hear what other folks want in a sweet, so suggestions of flavours are always welcome.