Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Help wanted for picture choosing!

So, I'm calling everyone out there for a little help please! We are having a little advert/write up in Vogue magazine in the June issue and we need to choose an image for the article. We've narrowed it down to 10(!) pictures, but only need one! As you can see they are all vanilla and raspberry flavoured marshmallows, just in various forms! Mike and I would be really grateful if you could take the time to give tell us which picture (they are numbered)you think is best for going into a magazine (the picture will be fairly small).
So, scroll down for the images!

1. A birds eye view of a jar of raspberry and vanilla marshmallows

2. Mixed marshmallows in a glass bowl and spilling out

3. A pile of raspberry marshmallows

4. A big jar of raspberry and vanilla marshmallows

5. Raspberry marshmallows!

6. Vanilla marshmallows in a bowl

7. Mixed jar of marshmallows with a bag peeping out from behind!

8. A whole lot of vanilla marshmallow

9. Raspberry marshmallows again

10. And lastly, a mixed bowl of marshmallows.

So thats all the pictures to choose from. Any thoughts would be gratefully received, even if its just whether the mixed marshmallows are better than the single flavoured marshmallows. And whether having the bag of marshmallows in no. 7 is a good idea - we couldn't decide whether it's best just having lots of loose marshmallows on show! Thanks guys.


  1. I would go for either No. 5 or No.10.
    No.5 is my favourite one :D
    Congrats on the feature!

  2. I would go with 4 or 5 they just look the best.

    Hope you dont mind my asking but how did you get a feature?

  3. Woot! Well done on the feature:))

    I like 5 or number one, a mix of both is good, but the big raspberry jar full really stand out!

  4. I like #1 the best! Good Luck!

  5. i like #7 with your packaging showing :)

  6. i like 4 best... definately a mixture of the 2 tho they look so good together!

    (and they taste nommy.. i know i have et some!)

  7. Thanks everyone for commenting - really useful

  8. I like 4 or 7 best. I prefer the jar to the bowl.


  9. I like 2 and 4 best. Thanks for popping over to see me and your lovely comments. I hope at some point to get back in to the blogging lark!
    B x